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4 spices Gronala

When it comes to comfort food, I have to admit that granola is one of my fav'. I do love kickstarting the day, sitting at my desk, working while enjoying my delicious granola breakfast supported with a warm tea.

Plus, making granola is very easy and quite healthy (provided you don't go too much on the sweeteners and chose them well) you can decline it in so many ways to pimp it!

Enough blabla, more of the recipe.

Crunchy 4 spices granola

General information

Level; very easy

Time: - 10 min prep,

- 30 min baking.

Ingredients needed for your 4 spices Granola

  • 4 handfuls of a nuts mix,

  • 100 gr of oats,

  • 1 pinch of salt,

  • 2 tbsp of 4 spices (ground cinnamon, ground ginger, ground nutmeg, and ground cloves),

  • 2 tbsp of organic honey,

  • 2 tbsp of organic maple syrup.

How to prepare your Granola

  1. Simply start to slightly blend your nut mix. Don't blend too much to keep the crunchiness.

  2. In a dish, pour your blended nuts and add the oats, salt, and spices.

  3. Stir and the sweeteners.

  4. Put it all onto a baking foil and make sure to press and stick your granola before letting it bake for 30 min at 180° (360F).

  5. And voilààà.

Did you enjoy the recipe? Do not hesitate to let me know!


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