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5 ingredients, healthy granola

If, like me, you're a breakfast lover craving yummy yet healthy food for kickstarting the day, do not look any further and try this simple, quick, healthy, and nutritious granola.

A healthy granola bowl with fig and yogurt

Ingredients needed for the healthy granola

  • 3 tbsp of oats,

  • 1,5 handful of nuts,

  • 1,5 handful of almonds,

  • 2 tbsp of maple syrup,

  • A pinch of cinnamon,

  • A pinch of salt (optional).

How to prepare your healthy granola

Simply start with blending all the dry ingredients with a blender. Cautious, do not blend it too much, you want your granola to be crunchy.

Second, pour the blended oats/almonds/nuts into a warm pan and add the maple syrup. Then, stir and add the cinnamon.

Cook it for 5 min maximum and save it in a jar.

When it's breakfast time, prepare your granola bowl with a base of yogurt topped with your homemade and healthy granola, a fig, and some peanut butter of course.



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