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Classic Banana & Peanut Butter porridge

Aerial view of a porridge bowl

Hello, hello the bons vivants,

Today, I wanna share about one of my fav breakfast! The famous porridge. Besides, porridges are very flavorful depending on how you make it. Plus, it features several positive health effects, which are always nice to consider for a better healthy living.

Let's first put things into order. For those who still wonder what porridge is, it is simply a blend of oatmeal, water or milk that you heat up in the microwave or either by boiling. These two ingredients are the very basics of the Porridge. As I've already mentioned, the flavor mostly depends on how you make it. Personally, I've some preferences I'll tell you more about later in the article.

Let's talk about the most important, the health effects! Today, it's more and more challenging to find a satiating and good yet healthy breakfast. I come to realize that healthy eating requires time. That's true, we need time to choose the right ingredients, time to find them, and to cook them. Plus, no need to mention how our active and social life can impede all our plans to keep being healthy, right?! Conclusion? We all turn to the easy way meaning going to the closest grocery shop, picking up the cheapest or commonly used ingredients generally full of sugars and ending up eating correctly but not healthy.

Herewith this article I'd like to give you another option and guess what? It's easy, fast AND healthy! Why? The porridge lowers the level of cholesterol included in the blood and it reduces cardiovascular disease risks as well. The sugar tenancy is low (provided you don't overdo it on sweet toppings) and the nutrients are very rich. Final touch? You can decline your breakfast in so many different ways and thus not get tired of it!

As promised, here's one of my fav recipes "The Peanut butter, and banana porridge", 5 ingredients only and 10 min prep, tempting right? Plus it's super healthy!


  • 1/2 cup of oatmeal (you can find it everywhere, but I advise you to check on the nutrition label the level of sugar, salt, and fat).

  • 1/2 cup of vanilla, almond milk

  • 1 tsp of honey

  • 1/2 banana

  • 1 tbsp of peanut butter


The first option; you have time and you go for the boiling preparation. So you blend the oatmeal and the milk in a pot then you add some pieces of banana and the honey. I like my banana boiled, they're tender and flavorful. You keep stirring the ingredients until the milk is fully absorbed by the rest of the mixture (max 10 min). You can finally pour everything in a bowl and top it with the peanut butter.

The second option, you're in a rush and don't have 10 min ahead. Just put everything together then and put that in the microwave for 2 min. You can also just bring the ingredients at work and make it over there if the kitchen is properly equipped.

Note that this recipe can be adapted to your OWN desires. Up to you to add more or less honey if you want it sweeter or not. You can also substitute the banana with apples.

This article convinced you? Let's go then, run into the closest grocery, buy every ingredient needed, make it, and enjoy your porridge!




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