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Detox cleanse: fact or fiction ?

Let's talk detox!

Have you ever seen those ads on TV/social media promoting detox cleanses and any other products? Raise your hands if you have never tried a detox. Lemon water, ginger shot, juices, you name it!

The real question is: did it work? Let me guess. Hell no!

Lemon water detox

Does detox really work?

Wait a sec', what is a detox cleanse?

Quick recall, a detox cleanse aims to relieve your liver after a period of indulgence (for example, Xmas season). The idea is pretty simple: get rid of the accumulated toxins, get back in shape, or should I say, lose some weight (because let's be honest, that's usually the goal).

Detox cleanses manifest in different ways, namely:

  • Intermittent fasting (btw, I share my thoughts on the topic right here: "Intermittent fasting: yes or no?")

  • Exclusive consumption of juices/infusions

  • Deprivation of certain food

  • Food supplements

  • etc.

The truth about detox cleanses

Ok, let's make it clear. Detox cleanses are pure marketing inventions. The term "detoxification" is not even part of the medical jargon.

Also, our liver already does the "detox" job. It doesn't store toxins. It filters and evacuates them. Basically, any healthy individual does not need to follow a so-called "detox".

However, there are a few foods (I mean it, "a few") supporting our liver's health. Artichokes, beetroots, or turmeric, for example. For the rest, most of them are nonsense when it comes to "detoxification". Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they're useless. They do contribute to many other great stuff, but not detox.

If those 2 arguments haven't convinced you yet, let me use my secret weapon: figures. Well, it's quite simple really, there are none. No scientific studies have proven the efficiency of detox cleanses. Some may say that they feel better after a cleanse, but this is mainly because of the hydration after a dehydration period. For the rest, it's just a placebo effect.


What about the real consequences of detox cleanses? To name a few:

  • From a health perspective, it's honestly not the best to fuel your body with food supplements. Plus, most of them are sold over the counter in supermarkets, without a prescription.

  • Depriving yourself of solid food such as nuts, fruits, etc will also prevent your body from essential fibers our gut microbiota needs. An imbalanced gut microbiota may lead to digestive issues, skin problems, stress spikes, weight gain, etc.

  • Needless to mention the risk of ED (eating disorder). Restrictions and deprivations never lead to anything good, and when taken to extremes, they can often result in various eating disorders, deficiencies, etc.


Detox cleanses, are total red flags! Except for supporting the diet industry and false beliefs, they won't do you any good.

If you desire to help your liver, go rather for juices made of beetroots/turmeric, now and then. If the objective is to facilitate your digestion, make sure to include enough fiber in your diet. In fact, keep it simple, eat balanced and drink enough water.

Hope you enjoyed the reading!



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