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It's here! 5 simple tips to help you achieve wellbeing

Hello there,

What about talking wellbeing today? Down? Let's go then.

Happiness and fulfillment are not that easy to achieve, but they're a key part of well-being. It requires time, determination, motivation, and a bit of "let it go". Yes, you read it, it won’t fall into your laps, you have to provoke it. I’m not pretending I know everything about life and well-being but, I feel pretty comfortable with mine, and there’re some reasons why. Which ones? Let me explain in 5 bullet points.

Whit mug of coffee with the word "begin" written on it for inspiration contributing to wellbeing

Goal, Goal, Goal

You need to have a goal, your own life project. It can literally be everything, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. If you like singing, hiking, drawing, writing, dancing, animals, cooking, … , you name it, go for it! Take some time to think about it. List 5 things you like doing during your extra time, select the 3 you could do every day, pick up the 2 you feel the most connected to, and, finally, select the one you feel good at. I’m not saying it’s a breeze, it demands time and good self-knowledge. But it’s definitely worth a try. Why? Cuz it will make your life more exciting, you’ll feel motivated by the desire to get better and better, and you will look forward to something. It’s an amazing feeling. And guess what? It’s all free! But cautious, do not overly demand on yourself it can backfire, which is not what we want.

Healthy breakfast bowl with oatmeal and almond

Go for a healthier diet

You must think "No kidding", got you! In fact, everything is correlated. If you have a healthier diet, you’ll feel better in your body, less tired, and more energetic. I know, it’s easier said than done, but you can do it. Changing your eating habits isn’t that hard, and if you desire a leg up just read my article “Eating healthy, What Does It Really Mean?”. Mostly, it implies eating balanced with the right products (where the article comes in handy).

A blond girl lifting a weight at the gym

Move your ass to the gym

If you want to achieve a healthy lifestyle, sorry …, you need to go to the gym. Find one activity you like, your best bud, and go subscribe for the next month. Try to be consistent by working out at least 2 times a week. Doing sports helps externalize your inner frustration and tension, reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases and so much more! Bonus? You’ll get fit and feel more comfortable with your body and mental health. All of these immediately impact your well-being.

Aerial view of a tray with hot chocolate and biscuits and a book aside. Personal time, quality time

It's okay to be selfish

I feel like heaps of people forget to prioritize themselves. Like "Oh, gosh no, others first". Is there a special rule for that? It's not a crime to take some time for you and only you! On the contrary, it's a must-do. By doing so, you'll have time to do whatever you want, get read rid of any inner frustrations, and free time up for your personal projects (above) or personal self-care. Try to find some time in your busy agenda whether it's in the morning before heading off to work or in the evening after dinner. Personally speaking, these last few weeks I decided to wake up earlier and work on my personal stuff, and I found out that it's such a great feeling to start the day by having already accomplished something.

someone on its phone checking social media

Preserve your well-being cut down on social media

My final advice is to reduce the amount of time you spend on social media. Stop following those iconic persons as well, who most of the time are big fake, and they make you feel like crap. Seriously, it's so destructor to your personal development and wellbeing. When I started to cut down on social media it went naturally once I decided to spend more time on myself and my personal project. It does not mean I'm not checking my Instagram account daily, but I just spend less time on it. I did feel way better, with less complex, and more productive. Plus, let's be honest, people only post the good side of their life. They post beautiful yet modified photos of themselves, stunning landscapes, and attractive vacations all year long whereas you're still waiting for yours… (frustration ++++). But have you ever asked yourself if they were really enjoying those moments? I mean, they spend most of their time taking photos, selfies, or videos, but do they really live those moments? That’s exactly what I didn’t want anymore. Living virtually. But, not gonna lie, I do love Instagram and sharing great photos, just with a certain balance.

You got it? Perfect then, time to rise and shine. Make yourself a favor and make wellbeing a priority. Living healthy starts now.




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