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How to have a healthy lifestyle

"A healthy lifestyle is all about balance."
A girl sit in a bedroom eating pizza and drinking soda

Having a healthy lifestyle is something I find very important to achieve wellbeing, I advocate it a lot as well as the balance. But what's the real sense of it? I already shared about this in one of my latest Insta posts, but I felt like it was necessary to clarify it a bit more with you here. Ok, maybe I should have started my blog with this post... But don't blame me, here it finally comes!

Let's start by the beginning.

Healthy doesn't mean crazy

I, for one, notice a real hype for being super active, super productive, super healthy, or on top at all levels, as if we literally cannot indulge in something less "good" without feeling guilty. But wtf? I mean seriously who said it was bad? Who said lying around all day long and having a lazy day was wrong? Who said that having a big hearty lunch and then a super yummy fatty dinner was that terrible? You know what? NO ONE. Because it's NOT! It's actually all good because that was what we wanted at that moment, that was what pleased us, and we shouldn't ruin that moment by regretting it or feeling guilty because it's apparently not right! In fact, this is even the opposite, that is being healthy.

HELLO?? Having a healthy lifestyle does not mean constantly eating healthy and working out insanely! No need to go crazy. That means fulfillment, wellbeing, happiness, a craving that we give in to, guilt-free, ...! Eating healthy is of course part of it as it's supposed to help us achieve wellbeing by feeling good inside and outside. But that's not all of it. That sooo much more than just-food. It's about activities we do, the food we eat, people we hang out with, the countries we travel,...

Sometimes it appears that what we really want is not doing some sport but rather watching tv and snacking all day long or splurging on the latest expensive outfit we saw, and this is ok! This is what is called balance because this is how life goes, made of ups and downs, of healthy food and junk food, of workouts & lazy time, of savings & expenses,...

So please, let's stop to think that way and start to live our life, to listen to our body, and to our true desires.

A healthy lifestyle, a balanced lifestyle

"Healthy means balanced? What?" Ok, got you. I guess this is something quite subjective, and this is not set in stone, but for me it's all about diversity, complementarity, fulfillment, & mental health (happiness).

Honestly, do you really think we have to be either white or black? Being very healthy and active at the same time or, on the contrary, just having fun, not working-out, nor watching out our weights? Actually, this is what I thought for a long time... Sad, isn't it? But luckily, I realized how wrong I was (the magic of personal growth and social sharing yaas).

So if we want to achieve a healthy lifestyle, I feel like we first need to balance things out.

Listen to your body

Sometimes after having indulged a lot in food during a day or the weekend we want to go back clean for a while because we simply don't enjoy junk food anymore, we don't feel it. At the end of the day, this is what is actually fun. Let's think this way if we eat the same type of food or work-out every day we don't look forward to it anymore, right? So what's the point?

By listening to our body's needs we will automatically achieve a balance. Depending on our week, our goals, our lifestyle, or even our desires what we aspire to is different.

Go back to what really matters

Today, we completely forget about the essentials as if having the perfect summer body is the ultimate life's goal. What a shame.

This is not necessary to go insane with our diet, our workouts, or even our lil' personal pleasures. In fact, by depriving and restricting ourselves we'll end up super frustrated and maybe even backfiring by bingeing.

It's ok to live our lives and let it go! Being constantly on a strict diet is not living our life to the fullest, it doesn't even reflect our true selves. And this is what should matter the most!

We should trust ourselves and listen to our body. The magic of the balance will automatically come into action. The human being is not supposed to struggle with himself and his desires. The human being is supposed to LIVE, ENJOY, and FEEL.

Keep in mind that this is not because we indulge in something that we'll ruin all our healthy nutritional efforts or our workout' results. On the contrary, we'll come back on fire more determined than ever. This is the complementarity power, balance, and mostly a healthy lifestyle!

Sorry for this super long article :p. I kind of had a lot to share.

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