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Live My Way

Welcome to Live My Way, your first step toward a better & healthier version of you.


A passion

As far back as I can remember, I've always been passionate about food, both because I'm a total foodie and because of my personal story and experiences. In 2023, I decided to follow my passion and enrolled in a specialized program. I earned my certification from the Centre de formation à distance. Now, as a passionate and certified food consultant, I'm determined to help you become the best version of yourself through healthy eating habits.


Healthy & tasty

Eating healthy should be simple, accessible and fun. As a dedicated food consultant, my mission is to help you make your plates healthier yet tastier with a bunch of personalized foodie recipes. 


Inclusive eating

We are all human beings in pursuit of life's moments. Food brings us together; that's no secret. I believe inclusivity is key to achieving long-term results when it comes to finding physical & mental balance. That is why my meal plans include all types of food, there's no prohibition. 



Start your healthier journey in good hands



Ideal for achieving balance & creating new healthy routines

  • 12 weeks follow-up

  • 6 biweekly meetings

  • Indicators check-up

  • 12 personalized menus

  • +100 healthy & foodie recipes



Ideal for achieving & maintaining balance

  • 12 weeks follow-up

  • 6 biweekly meetings

  • Indicators check-up

  • 12 personalized menus

  • +100 healthy & foodie recipes

  • 1 follow-up session

Marie Laure Rihon 

« Mathilde cared a lot about my health, lifestyle, needs and desires. I had many small indulgences at the beginning, especially with guilt... until I understood that as long as 90% was good, the deviations didn't matter and they didn't have a long-term impact. The results were there, so I was happy, but I especially noticed the energy and well-being associated with it! I stopped the follow-up after 3 months and with much hesitation because it was 'easy' and always good to follow the recipes, but I continued to follow all the tips, remake menus, and after 5 months of stopping the follow-up, I lost a bit more weight but above all, I maintained a healthier and more energizing lifestyle and refined my figure even more. »


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