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Holy Chocolate Banana bread

Morning people,

Promises are made to be kept! A month ago (already damnnnn) I shared on my instagram a new version of my yummy healthy banana bread, and many of you guys asked for the recipe, which pleased me a lot actually.

So here it is:

General info:

Level: easy

Time : 50 min

  • 10 min prep

  • 40 min baking


- 1 cup 1/2 or 200 gr of (whole) flour

- 3 eggs

- 4 ripe bananas (make sure the bananas are well ripe)

- 2 tbsp of organic honey or maple syrup (my godfather makes some delicious ones if you are interested)

- 1/3 cup or 100 ml of coconut oil (optional)

- 1 portion of vanilla extract

- 1 bag of baking powder

- One (or more, up to you) tablet of dark chocolate

- One pinch of salt


You first have to mix all the dry ingredients together meaning the flour, the baking powder, and the salt.

Aside, mash 3 of the ripe bananas and mix them with the eggs. Thereafter, add the other liquid ingredients (vanilla extract, coconut oil & honey).

Pour the liquid mixture into the dry one and stir with the blender.

Then add the pieces of chocolate and keep stirring.

Finally, pour the mixture into an adequate baking dish, cut the left banana into half and put it on top of the banana bread, and add some more pieces of chocolate to top it all. You can let it bake for 40 min at 180 degrees or 360F.

Voilààà. PS: I recommend you toast your slices, spread some peanut butter, and add some caramelized slices of banana for even more tastiness.

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