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Yoga is the new self-care, with MilaVictoria

Hi there,

Today's chat is all about Yoga with Victoria Bardiau AKA MilaVictoria pour les Insta lovers.

To be quite frankly, I came across her insta account because of a friend who advised me to start her 15 days challenge #milayogachallenge. It was fun, really liked it! I found it resourceful and peaceful.

Actually, this is not the first time I practice Yoga as I decided to get down to it1 year ago with YogaWithKassandra when I was in Van. Since, I integrate it into my morning routine.

Anyway, enough blabla, let's focus on today's super star.

A girl doing the tripod yoga position


  • Who's hidden behind MilaVictoria?

"I'm 31, I'm from Brussel, I studied graphic design and publicity, and I grew up in a fashion and art environment wherein I worked for a couple of years.

After a tough heartache, depression, and burnout I discovered yoga thanks to a friend of mine in 2015. I cried so much during the first class that I decided to keep going because I could feel it helped me externalize some things stuck inside me.

I'm optimistic, passionate, curious, dynamic, highly sensitive, and sometimes a bit shady :p. Today, thanks to of my hardest life experiences, I created a yoga gear brand, which is environmentally friendly and accessible to everyone."

  • How would you define yoga?

"Yoga is a life philosophy, a habit, an oasis in an infinite desert. it gives me the time and space to sit down with my own work, to look up my emotions, and put down on the mat everything cluttering me.

I like saying that my mat is the mirror of my life, that the way we do one thing is the way we do everything. It's a place of introspection, a moment for taking a break where we can plant a seed for changing, evolving, growing. This is not a work out, this is a work in."

  • When it comes to timing, when is the best time to practice yoga?

"For me, it's in the morning because routines are very important to keep an anchor, stability in my life quite diversified.

Otherwise, I would say each time I need it. Every time. Yoga is also about being aware of our breath, about learning to not take everything personally, to question ourselves, to support each other, to listen to our body and needs..."

  • What should we expect from yoga?

"I think we shouldn't expect anything from yoga. It will bring exactly what we need. Whether it is motivation, some let it go, kindness, or perseverance. Yoga allows seeing more clearly, listening to what our body wants to tell us."

  • Should we consider yoga as a workout or more like a practice to reconnect with inner-selves?

"It is a workin not a workout. Working out is an incredible tool to reconnect with our body though. It helps better understand it, better listen to it. I'd say that this is something very complete either physically speaking, then emotionally and psychologically speaking. "

  • What are your 3 favorite yoga positions?

  1. "Urdhva Dhanurasana : the bridge. It allows opening our heart, overcoming some fears, finding stability in our legs and hands.

  2. Salamba Servangasana / Halasana : the candle. This posture is oppressive, suffocating, and agonizing. But I like it because I know it seems unachievable because I need it. I've some thyroid problems, an obsessive need of expressing myself, and this posture activates my thyroid and allows unlocking some things in terms of the floor, the expression.

  3. Sirsasana: the tripod. It is a posture requiring strengths along with patience, attention, and stability. The idea of seeing things upside down allows me to see life from another perspective. It is a scary posture, which invites to trust ourselves by trying even if we may fall. "

  • Where do you get your gear?

"For the mats and blocks, I do have my own gear (my brand "milavictoriayoga"). I buy my outfits at Pure by Luce, Recto Verso (2 Belgian brands), Also Yoga (for the street style outfits), and Lulu Lemon (for more comfy and qualitative outfits). "

  • Self-are in 2 words? Do you have a self-care routine?

"Harmony. Balance. It's about finding a balance between lightness and depth, madness and seriousness.

My wellness routine depends on the seasons and on my cycles. I try to impose certain things on myself while remaining flexible according to my energy of the moment. I like waking up early, I go feed the horses, I give classes, I also have a little precise routine in my bathroom, I do my bed, sometimes I write, I meditate, sometimes I breathe, sometimes I do yoga for myself, I serve myself a cup of coffee, I take some food complements, I write my gratitudes, I hit the sack early. "


That's it guys. I'd like to thankVictoria pour for her time and her presence on LMW.

I really hope you liked this article, if so please let me know and smash the like button :p.




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