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Self-care & ecology, does it match??

Good evening people,

Tonight's article discusses self-care from an ecological perspective. Lost? Let me explain myself; How can we do both? I mean, how is that possible to pretend to take care of ourselves while living in such a wasted world we do not take care of? It can definitely be a source of anxiety.

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Let's have a talk with Laurie AKA Goodmorninglau on Instagram. For those of you who still don't know her, she is a super cool conscious girl sharing helpful (very helpful) tips to be greener. She also writes neat articles (like me lol) but ecology-oriented. She definitely has her own way of motivating people in their eco-journey, I love it.


Mathilde: "So, from your perspective, how is it possible to take care of ourselves living in a

world we do not take care of? "

Laurie: " Excellent question. I do think that the first step is to realize it. Once we've established the link between the way society treats people, environment, animals, and ourselves, we can definitely point out the problem, and it is therefore way simpler to start reacting."

Mathilde: "What's the eco-anxiety? How do you handle it?"

Laurie: "The eco-anxiety represents the anguish related to environmental issues. In other words, once we are well aware of the problem, we realize it won't be easy (even impossible) to operate change on time, and thus, that our avenir ( and the one we leave to our kids if we want to) is quite compromised. How to handle this? Hardly. But the best solution, to me, lies in relevance. I'm very aware of the climate crisis, the GIEC report offers a though idea of how it can deteriorate in the future. The only thing I can do is to struggle against fatality. I act according to it, I change my daily habits, I stand out on social media to raise awareness among people. In this way, I'm in total harmony with my values naming respecting the biodiversity and thus the human-being being part of it. It clearly helps me feel better."

Mathilde: "Isn't it too daunting to do so many efforts although people around don't seem to be so much evolved? "

Laurie: " Of course, aha! But, in fact, I choose to not focus on this. Easier said than done, but if meditation really taught me one thing it is that it's useless to blow off some energy on what we can't solve. I decide to move on with who is moving on. Tough luck for the ones who don't move. I guess one day they won't be able to see themselves in a mirror, aha!"

Mathilde: "Do relatives/friends respect your eco-lifestyle? Isn't it too hard to handle when you face people who might be not open to the ecology? "

Laurie: "I'm honestly very lucky with my relatives. I guess we also bond with people who tend to think the way we do so it's quite normal to be on the same page. I've to say that my friends are quite environmentally friendly, they pull me up. My BF is literally more environmentally friendly than I'm, he's very minimalist, vegetarian like me, and he almost always uses a bike to get around. What of my family, they're really comprehensive they make lots of efforts (especially my mum), but overall, they respect my involvement and, in the end, this is the only thing I ask for. In my surroundings, I had some people who weren't really open to the ecology, we got distanced. I decided to not give some of my time to these people, who finally didn't bring me a lot. "

Mathilde: "What do you think of people pretending that ecology doesn't exist or who minimize the problem? #denial"

Laurie: " I'm a scientist, I do believe in science especially when 90% of the scientists quite agree on the topic. Yes, the earth is living warming and cooling periods, but it's a fact that this dysfunctionality is linked to human activity, and that humans will suffer from it first the most unprivileged ones, as always, and this is what I struggle for. The idea is to save the "living", not the earth (which, let's be honest, doesn't give a f** of us). When I discuss with climate skeptics, I directly settle the basis I ask for the sources and some figures because if they want to talk about physical phenomena, all good, but we have to do it scientifically then. Generally speaking, they have very few (like none) sources, and thus the discussion is quickly ended.

Mathilde: " In one of your latest articles, you mentioned the mental load, can you tell me a bit more? What is exactly the mental load? "

Laurie: " The mental load is referred to being constantly worried about household tasks. Even if the execution of those tasks is equally distributed, most of the time women suffer from a heavier mental load. For instance, even if their husbands do the groceries, women will be in charge of listing the ingredients needed or they will pick up the phone to help their husbands lost in the store. On the contrary, the tasks supported by women do no lead to any mental load by men, who revel in chores (cause they already know that women will handle it properly). Nowadays, 75% of household chores are into women, as well as tasks related to ecological transition. In this way, we can say that women are greener than men and of course, equality is wished. "

Mathilde: "Your self-care routine? "

Laurie: " As already said in question 2, my self-care lies in the action. I struggle for an equal ecological transition, it animates me and contributes to my wellbeing. Of course, we cannot be constantly in the heat of the moment otherwise we get drained. I practice yoga as well as meditation, and it helps me a lot to know myself better, know when I'm stressed out, and when I need to slow down. When I face fierce anxiety, I take some CBD (hemp) oils, which soothes me quite fastly. Lavender oils are very good as well, but CBD is way stronger it'll thus depend on the stress level. "

Thanks a lot for your time and have shared with us your precious knowledge. It was a real pleasure to have you here, hope to collaborate again with you soon.

Ps: Did you like the article? Give me feedback on Insta or leave me a comment. :)



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