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Blogmas #2: 5 slow-fashion hacks for your Xmas outfits

This year for Christmas, I'll wear second-hand clothes only (or some that I have already worn before), there's no option.

It took ages for to me to take the plunge and wear second-hand/thrift clothes. In my defense, thrifts are not the aces when it comes to making their storefront designs attractive. Let's call a spade a spade, most of the time, it's old-school, clothes are unorganized and it stinks.

But today, I'm quite proud of myself, and I can ensure you that I haven't gone to Zara or H&M for such a long time. 😏 Even better, I'm learning (and enjoying) how to shop second-hand.

Not to mention how crazy the fashion industry goes. I mean, let's think about it for a sec. Do you know that more than 100 billion clothes are sold every year and everywhere? In France, it means 10 kilos of clothes per person and per year! It's insane. Not to mention our finances...

The objective of this brand-new article is obviously not to blame anyone, but to share tips for a conscious Christmas outfit and to awaken minds. :)

Are you guys ready? Let's deep dive into this 2nd #blogmas, the slow-fashion edition.

Endless thrift shop storefront

  • Endless

Endless, is a thrift shop based in Liège. The shop is very nice and well-organized, it clearly gives envy to bargain-hunt. You can find trendy outfits coming from accessible brands, including fast fashion. Even though it is from Zara, still you give a second life to these clothes, so I approve. The other great thing about Endless is that you can bring clothes you don't wear/like anymore, and they will sell them for you, on a commission basis.

To be shopped

Whatever clothes. From trousers to pullovers, turtlenecks, dresses, skirts, shoes, hats, scarf, etc. Of course, it varies from one time to another depending on the drop-off.


Chéravoie 6, 4000 Liège.


  • Gerabotte

Gerabotte is one of my fav discoveries of the moment! I just love the shop and concept. They only sell luxury brands, which makes it super interesting when it comes to bargaining. Gerabotte is located in Liege as well. However, you may miss it as it is upstairs and not on street level, so keep your eyes open!

To be shopped?

Luxury clothing brands such as Iro, Channel, Burberry, you name it. You can shop for bags, clothes, shoes, etc. Once again, it depends on the drop-off.


Rue des Dominicains 4, 4000 Liège.

  • Vinted

Ok, who else does not know about Vinted? I'm, for one, using the app since very recently, and I thought it might be interesting to share a kind of "guide" with some best practices ( to bear in mind the conscious aspect of the concept).

  1. Do not buy too frequently

  2. Favor ageless clothes that you will keep over time

  3. Favor expensive brands that you cannot afford when ready-to-wear

  4. Favor conscious brands such as Orta Store, Lucid, Balzac, etc

  5. Do not do impulsive buying. Add all of your favorite pieces into a bucket and save them. Give it a time and then double-check to see if you really want/need all of those clothes.

Pilyma online thrift store

  • Pilyma

Pilyma is an online thrift shop. This fresh concept was thought of and developed by 2 young girls passionate about thrift stores. Pilyma's ambition? Make the thrift universe accessible to everyone while respecting our beautiful planet.

They even go the extra mile regarding ecology, offering recycled and reusable plastic bags. Neat right?!

As for the pricing, Idris and Eva set prices based on the weight of the clothes, and not based on the brand or the quality. For this reason, they set up a virtual scale on the webshop.

To be shopped?

Mainly streetwear clothes, but also other styles such as trenches, blazers, skirts, dresses, and other evergreens.


Online, but they also organized some pop-up stores every so often (once every 2 months) in Louvain-La-Neuve.

  • Dressing-room sale/swap

I tend to think that dressing-room sales are the very first step when it comes to second-hand shopping.

I totally get that not everyone is comfortable with buying second-hand clothes because of the origins, quality, cleanness, etc.

So, why not start by buying/borrowing some of your friends' clothes? Let's be honest, the chances to wear the exact same dress as the previous year are very thin. Organize a dressing-room sale with your best pals, try some new clothes, buy, swap, and above all, have fun!

For a second time, if you liked the experience, you can take part in an external dressing-room sale. I think it's very cool because you can meet so many new people, try clothes on, check on the quality, meet the seller, bargain and, if you're lucky enough, have good cookies. 😏


Nothing better and easier than Facebook to find dressing-room sales near you.

That's already it for this week. :)

As usual, feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments. I'd love to discover new great brands or shops where to get great bargains.

See you next week,



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