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Dear Digital Diary #September2021

Another month, another "Dear Digital Diary" article. It's already the 5th of October meaning I'm a bit late in my publication, anyway better late than never!

Help yourself with a nice cup of tea and prepare your chocolate, this article might be a bit longer than usual.

How was September's mood, Mathilde?

This month has been so crazy, from moving out, to getting back to normal, I was super busy, and I haven't got much time to write. No to mention that I kinda lost motivation to wake up early...

So in a few words, we moved out at the beginning of the month and since then, I have to admit I feel so much happier. To be completely honest, I loved my apartment in Namur and the city! Even though living in the hustle-bustle of the city ended up not really being my thing. It was very noisy, hard to park, and we were "far" from our friends and family, which was honestly the biggest challenge. I didn't expect this to be a barrier...

So, coming back to town feels so good! I also subscribed to the gym, it's life-changing! Actually, I didn't realize how bad it was for me to stay on my own, 24/5 a week. I convinced myself I was ok, that it was somehow what I wanted, but I was wrong... From home-working to working out, and sometimes spending some evenings with my fav' tv show was indeed not much recommended for good mental health.

It's funny how we can truly believe something is good for us until we come into something else.

I also changed my physical working environment, it might sound stupid, but it really contributes to my personal wellbeing. I organized a spot specially dedicated to working, I put some plants, cool decorations, lights (natural lights), photos, ... I made it pleasant to work from it. I'm convinced feeling comfortable in your working environment is highly related to your productivity and wellbeing. It definitely generates more positive energies. I also try to go more often to the office in Brussels or to work from a working coffee. It's a good way to change the environment and not get bored. Small changes thus with high impacts on my mood. :)

Of course, everything is not perfect, it's a life process. :) I still find it very hard to get back down to my morning routine. I just don't have the motivation anymore... I'm trying though, setting up the alarm at 6:30 am every morning yet snoozing it every morning... I think I have to change my morning habits, find something that I'm excited to wake up for. Anyway, I don't sweat it. I don't want to put pressure on myself for that (we already have enough). I'm a strong believer in "Everything happens for a reason.", and I know one day I'll get down to it, but it's simply not the right moment now. I guess my body needs to rest, and I feel like listening to it. :)

That's it for today, I'm done with my monolog. Hope you made it through this article.


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