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My latest discoveries: Netflix, books, food & app!

Going through some French blogs, I came into a great type of article consisting of sharing our latest discoveries of the moment. From Netflix must-see to food, restaurants, readings, and podcasts, it's very lifestyle oriented.

Without a second thought, I decided to write my own article including all my latest discoveries worth to be shared. So here we're. I really hope you'll enjoy the reading as much as I do. :)

  • Netflix recommandations

Purple hearts on Netflix

If like me, you like girly yet not cheesy movies (Eduard Cullen can pass his way), you should definitely watch Purple Hearts. It is one of the newest movies on Netflix, and I loved it!

Synopsis: Cassie, a young waitress and singer in a pub, suffers from diabetes. The medical costs being very expensive, Cassie finds it hard to make ends meet. As for Luc, he's a young Marine about to be deployed whose past is not very clean leaving him with a couple of debts. Cassie and Luc decide to get married in order to benefit from Marine's insurance. The marriage turns out to be quite different than expected.

With the same vibes, I also watched Liaisons dangereuses (a French movie). This is clearly the kind of movie when you're not in the mood for Inception. It is simple, light, fun, and relaxing.

Synopsis: Célène, a young teenage full of hopes and good beliefs, moves to Biarritz where she discovers a universe she is unfamiliar with, the world of influence and social media. Célène falls in love with Tristan, a bad boy and talented surfer. However, Tristan might not be the one he pretends to be.

  • I tried Propud protein bars

Propud protein bar packaging

If you know me a bit, you know how much I hate processed and industrial food (we want real healthy). I tend to think our body doesn't need those things to function properly. But, here is the thing. Last week, I had a workout session in the morning. As always, I was in a hurry, and I didn't have time to have breakfast. Therefore, I gave these bars (Propud) a try as they were gently waiting for me at the gym.

Verdict? In terms of the taste, I have to admit it was not that bad, it was even tasty. Pros #2, the protein intake was quite high, which is a good thing for me as I don't eat enough proteins.

But (of course, there's a but), these are the only two pros I can think about. The ingredient list was not so clean. Although it was mentioned "no added sugar", the bar contained sweeteners and another type of glucose... Not to mention the long list of ingredients, which says a lot about the nature of the product. In fact, this pisses me off! What's the matter with them? Are they really obliged to lie and make fools of us? Really??

Anyway, I'll never include those products in my daily diet, but I have to admit it can be handy, sometimes, with full knowledge of the "risks".

  • My latest readings

As I have the best besties in the world with a long list of books waiting for me to be read, I read 2 great books this month.

First, I read Ciao Bella by Serena Giuliano. It's a pocketbook, which is perfect on the beach in between the lunch and the apero.

Summary: Anna, a thirtyish mom, consults a psychologist. The more the sessions, the more she shares about her life and gets back to her childhood. Anna also grows, gets more confident, and faces her greatest fears.

I also read The silent patient by Alex Michaelides, a thriller I read in 3 days only!

Summary: Alicia, a talented painter, and Gabriel, a fashion photographer, live happily together in Cambridge. Everything seems perfect until Gabriel is found dead in the middle of the living room with Alicia, sitting next to him with the weapon. Following this tragedy, Alicia is interned in a psychiatric hospital and remains silent. No one is able to discover what happened that night until Theo, a therapist. An unpredictable story full of suspense.

  • I tried the BAO

BAO bread

Last week, I went to Gordita, and I tried the famous bao. You know, the one you have seen a couple of times on Insta?! I tried and I loved it! The bao is a Chinese steamed bread. It's a bit sticky (I definitely do not recommend it on your first date!). In terms of the texture, it is soft and tender. You can eat it with savory garnitures or sweet ones.

  • I downloaded Water Reminder App

As you may know, or maybe not yet, I don't drink enough water. So, I decided to take the lead and downloaded the app named Water Reminder. The app tracks my water consumption and sends me a push notification to remind me to drink water. It's free and honestly, it does the job!

Did you like this article? Please, do not hesitate to let me know in a comment! Also, feel free to share your latest discoveries as well. :)




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