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Newsflash: You're perfect as you're!

Inspirational quote reminding we're all beautiful.

Do you also feel like there're huge fads and hypes for special new diets and workouts? Intermittent fasting, banishing starchy food or meat, eating vegan, etc. I can't even name them all that's insane! Like it's the new trendy lifestyle. But where do we stand in this? Truth is the society we live in today constantly impacts our mental and physical health. It presents us with many ways to be always more than what we are just to fill its endless need for money-making. Result? We continuously feel under pressure, we keep running after an ideal we will never achieve at the expense of our real personality and wellbeing (welcome to complexes and mental troubles!).

I can't pretend I've perfect knowledge, but I might have some tips to give you to go through this all hype.

Be yourself!

Why not simply doing what makes us feel good and fulfilled? Why not stopping to demand so much on ourselves and starting to be who we truly want to be? You hate doing some sports? That's fine! You hate eating healthy all the time? That's all good as well! Find YOUR balance. Stop to compare yourself and follow some standards because it "looks" super cool or because everyone is doing it like it's the new trend.

Don't make the same mistake than I made

Having a healthy lifestyle first takes its roots in being happy! It does absolutely NOT only mean eating healthy 24/24h and doing some sports insanely. Don't fall into disproportionality. At the end of the day, you have to do something you love otherwise what's the point, right?

Do you really want to be that unhappy girl who looks skinny and fit, who is deeply unhappy and unable to enjoy her social life losing friends little by little? The one who is constantly tracking her calories, feeling guilty each time she indulges in something or feeling scared about gaining one gram? I was this girl and believe me you don't want to be like her! I went so far that I was convinced having a skinny profile was beautiful and feminine. I was so wrong! Shapes are beauty and femininity! I can't put it all on society's back, but I'm convinced it didn't help me identify myself to the right persons. I feel like today it's finally taking a different turn. Standards are changing, and it's such a relief!

Find your perfect & personal balance

We have to understand that every woman is different, unique, and beautiful on her own with our without shapes as long as she feels comfortable with her body! A happy lifestyle putting a smile on your face is worth millions of workouts and diets making you feel unhappy. This is how you'll truly look beautiful.

So, stop to be on a diet like crazy or work-out insanely instead find your perfect and personal balance. You're the only one who knows what works well for your body and what doesn't. Start by accepting who you're and understand that your life is too precious to be ruined by running after something making you tired of life and unhappy.

All about proportions!

Of course, it's normal to look after your weight and to work-out but do it smartly, it has to be balanced! Do it because you like it, because you want it! Work for you not against you. Today, I see all of this so differently, and I finally feel in perfect harmony with myself. It required time, oh man so much time... But I did it, I came over it! Today, if I advocate a healthy lifestyle so much you finally understand there's a reason why. I hope this article was not too personal, I'm not used to share my personal life like this, but I felt like it was important to share it with you especially considering the context.





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