Me .heic

A bit more about me

Hi everyone,

If you're looking for good vibes/feel-good and if you're a food and wellness lover also trying to be a bit more conscious you can feel right at home.


At first, I wanted this blog to be health-oriented. The point is I discovered people tend to associate "healthy" with guilt or boredom, which is exactly the opposite of what I want to share on LMW. So, I decided to simply go with a feel-good blog, which is basically another way to say healthy living blog.


Healthy doesn't have to be boring.

My sense of it is way much funnier and does not simply imply what you have on your plate or how many times a week your work out. It is all about mentality, feelings, and lifestyle. About feeling mentally & physically happy and in full harmony with yourself with or without gym and veggies. 


From self-care tips to yummy healthy/good for the mood recipes including my eco-friendly journey as well as some lifestyle stories, this is mainly what you can find over here. 


I wish to get you inspired, get mentalities evolved and make things move.

They're still so many codes and standards dictated by society and anchored in some mentalities pushing us to live a life we don't feel comfortable with.

Across this blog, I'd like to create a place where you feel free to share your mind and react to my posts without any apprehensiveness or fear.

At this point, you must wonder who is this girl writing behind this blog. I'll tell you more about it.

I grew up in Belgium more precisely in a small city named Liège (AKA fun city). I got a master's degree in Business Management from Ichec Brussel Management School. After that, I decided to move to Vancouver BC (Canada), which was the best experience of my life. Today, I'm back in Belgium living my life and trying to achieve my personal goals.

I've to admit that for a long time I got lost in terms of passion and having my "own" thing. I felt like I've never been really passionate about anything until I started to write.  It's proof that we don't have to look very far sometimes!


I can't pretend to be a talented writer, but I'm learning to. I really like sharing about topics I value.


So, are you ready? Hop in then, pack your cheap bottle of wine, put on your fluffy slippers, and make sure to have enough chocolate to enjoy the reading. Let's start the adventure together.