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Negative self-talk, a reality destroying yourself!

"The body achieves what mind believes."

Mindful written on a white sheet of paper leaning forwards to the window

We all have already experienced negative self-talk, you know those ones we keep telling ourselves "I'm too fat, I'm stupid, I don't have enough breast or butt, I'll never be able to do it, ..." you name it. Have you ever considered the side-effects of this on your mental and physical health? Well, I didn't until I realize how impactful it could be. Please, just ask yourself how many times today you faced self-criticisms. Maybe it was this morning in front of the mirror, after having eaten too much letting room for guilt, or simply because you failed to achieve a certain objective, whatever. What I want to highlight here is that this is NOT constructive at all (obviously). Actually, practicing negative self-talk can even have more side-effects than imagined. Side-effects on mental health are one thing, but there can also be effects on your physical health. Do you sometimes wonder why you cannot lose any weight whereas you're doing your best respecting all the rules? Well, maybe you should read on then.

How does negative self-talk work?

It's a no-brainer, the way you perceive yourself can directly affect your mood and your mental health. Your mental health builts your mindset, and the mindset is your achievements' trigger element. But that's not all it can also impact your physical health! Your brain, the hardware of your body, based on your thoughts, believes, and emotions can transmit related signals to the body resulting in sometimes unwanted physical effects. For instance, let's say you're trying to lose some weight, but you kinda feel like you'll never be able to do it conditioning yourself (unconsciously) in a bad mood and developing some stress, which can bring to weight-gain. What a backfire uhh?

Why do we develop negative-talk?

Those negative self-talk can come from your past experience, people you are around, or simply the society we live in. Today, as women, we feel in a constant battle to stay in shape and be the best version of ourselves, trying to respect high and insane standards. We continually face women's "ideals" on media and social media, which impacts our self-image and self-esteem. Each of us is different, unique, and we are worth it. We are enough! The body image should not be a cause of negative self-talk.


There exist numerous side-effects of self-criticism, but the more common ones are the following ones: - Stress - Weight gain - Lack of motivation - Depression - Social troubles So each time you encounter one of these effects, first, ask yourself how you treat yourself. Think that way, how can you expect your body to deliver positive results if you make it feel like crap? Keep in mind your body is your shelter, your home, and you should be thankful for it.

How to counter it?

  • Shift your perspective! Some problems might seem insurmountable today so take some distance and ask yourself if these problems will still be some in a few years.

  • Try to turn negativity into neutrality, change your talk! Instead of "I can't do it" tell yourself "It's pretty challenging", or instead of "I'm so ugly" tell yourself "I'm not at my best today". Got it?

  • This is not always the reality: The way you perceive yourself is always biased. We are too hard on ourselves always demanding more. Keep it in mind!

  • Meditate: Practice a bit of mediation. It might sound ridiculous for some of you, but it can definitely help. After all, what does it cost to give the try?

Note to yourself

Do not forget that you're your only limit. Whatever you decide to undertake it's on you and only you. I read somewhere that when your thoughts and your actions are not aligned you cannot expect achievements and success. Work for you and not against you. Bise, Math.


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