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My bucket list: time to live!

Who doesn't have this crazy list of things you want to do before you die? Ok, probably not everyone, but, as a good daydream & life-lover, I do.

Actually, I saw this great influencer I follow on Instagram @MyBetterSelf sharing her bucket list but, above all, doing it. It just gave me the envy to do the same. We only live once and we never know about the future (this is really one thing 2020 taught me). I keep on postponing telling myself I have time or just not daring to do those things because it feels like it's too expensive, too unrealizable, too crazy, too whatever.

So, here I'm in my little apartment, typing on my computer supported with a warm blanket (yes, in Belgium, May is still super cold) and with a nice greedy snack more ready than ever to write my Bucket List.

Girl standing and smiling, who's happy thinking about her bucket list

My bucket list

  1. Going to a drive-in movie,

  2. Eating everything I want for a whole day,

  3. Karaoke girls night in public,

  4. City bars tour,

  5. Attending a ballet like a queen,

  6. Having a piercing in my nose,

  7. Being in the newspapers/magazines,

  8. Throwing a Blair Waldorf sleep-over,

  9. Traveling on my own,

  10. Van tour in the US west coast,

  11. Flighting in first-class.

Now everything is listed down, just need to get down to it. I'm already super excited and can't wait to share this with you. Each time I'll achieve one of my bucket list bullet points, I'll share the experience here.

--> One bullet point - one album article.




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