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How to eat healthy on a budget: in 5 bullet points

No need to break the bank to eat healthily. You only have to shop smarter. Here are my 5 hacks for eating healthy (on a budget)! Eat healthy on a budget Stick to your grocery list First thing first, plan your meals for the week and base your groceries on this list. It will clearly prevent you from impulse buying.
If you're not a fan of leftovers, like me, plan different recipes out of the same ingredient(s). Be creative, check out the blog, Insta reels, Pinterest, ... We have plenty of dang nice resources these days! Don't shop on an empty stomach It's like THE rule of thumb. Never EVER shop on an empty stomach. It will help you avoid binge eating and wasting money. I, for the one, always favor mornings when it comes to grocery shopping. I go after breakfast when I'm full and not-so-tempted to buy junk food. Buy whole food & buy in bulk Some might say it is more expensive, but it's actually not. When buying whole food, you generally have larger portions, which help you last longer. I've already mentioned the health benefits of whole food in some of my recipes, so I won't dwell on that subject today.
As for bulk buying, I'm definitely a fan. Instead of buying a pack of 6 onions, you can pick up the exact quantity you need and avoid food waste. It'll obviously be cheaper. Replace meat I've seen a clear difference in my wallet since I've cut down on my meat consumption. There's no need for me to remind you how bad meat overconsumption is for our health and our lovely planet. You can find so many great substitutes such as soy pearl, falafels, veggie burgers (well prepped, they're amazing!), eggs, nuts, you name it! Shop seasonal products While shopping for seasonal products, you'll have the chance to eat healthier and cheaper. Indeed, seasonal products contain fewer conservators and other chemicals as they do not require any support for their growth. Plus, it appeared that some of them, at their peak season, have a higher vitamin intake. Also, they are much more flavorful. There's absolutely no reason not to buy fresh! In a nutshell, eating healthy doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. There exist so many cheaper options. I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have other hacks, feel free to share them in the comments. :)

How to eat healthy on a budget: in 5 bullet points
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