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Provencal Tart

Who's a tart lover among here? For the one, I'm a hugeeee fan of salty tarts! Fun part, I prefer the dough so I constantly eat the toppings first and save the dough for the end. :p

Anyway, let's stop the rant and get right into today's recipe aka the Provencal Healthy Tart.

General Info for The Provencal Tart

Level: Easy


  • 20 min prep

  • 20 min baking

Ingredients needed

  • Puff pastry,

  • 2-3 big tbsp of Red pesto,

  • One eggplant,

  • 2 tomatoes,

  • 1 mozzarella ball,

  • Provencal herbs,

  • Salt,

  • Pepper.

How to prep your Provencal Tart

  1. Unroll your dough in a adapted oven dish for tart.

  2. Use a fork to make small holes into the dough a bit everywhere.

  3. Spread some red pesto everywhere on the dough.

  4. Aside, cut the eggplants onto the width and cook them with a bit of olive oil, salt & pepper for 10 min.

  5. Cut the tomatoes.

  6. Cut the mozzarella.

  7. Once everything is cut & cooked, add the ingredients onto the dough as presented above (one slice of tomato, one slide of eggplant & one slice of mozzarella).

  8. Then, top it all with the provencal herbs, salt & pepper & let it bake for 20 min in the oven (360F or 180°).

  9. Last but not least, don't forget to take a pic of your tart & let me know!! :D


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