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Peanut Butter Bowl Cake with its melty chocolate-heart

Morning there,

Finally, here I'm with a gold-new healthy breakfast recipe. Ok, I got inspired from @SlightPearl but still, add some personal touches.

Enough talking, more mouth-watering.

General info for 1 Peanut Butter Bowl Cake:

Level: SUPER easy

Time: 8 to 28 min (depending on having a microwave)

  • 5 min prep

  • 23 min baking (or 3 min in the microwave)


  • 1 big banana,

  • 20 gr of oats,

  • 1 egg,

  • 1 pinch of salt,

  • Vanilla extract (optional),

  • 1 chocolate square (let go your imagination run wild. It can be dark, milk, or white chocolate),

  • 2 tsp of peanut butter.

How to prep your Peanut Butter Bowl Cake:

It has never got so easier to prep a yummy yet healthy breakfast like this.

  1. Simply mix all the ingredients (but the chocolate & peanut butter) together with a blender or even a shaker (smoothie machine).

  2. Then pour half of the mixture onto a bowl.

  3. Add the chocolate square.

  4. Pour the rest of the mixture on top.

  5. Let it bake for 23 min (for a melty chocolate heart 🤩).

  6. Add your peanut butter.

  7. Enjoy.

If you try this recipe, please let me know your thoughts, and don't forget to smash that "like" button here below. :)

Have a great day,

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Healthy Peanut Butter bowl cake with a melty chocolate-heart: French recipe



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