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Paris bucket list - 2 days in Paris

"Paris is always a good idea": And I couldn't agree more.

Actually, it was my third time, Paris is simply the kind of city you never get tired of, and there are so many ways to experience it.

As already mentioned it wasn't my first time visiting Paris, which explains why we passed some must-sees.

Mathilde sitting along the seine in Paris

Day 1 in Paris

We arrived in Paris on Friday late afternoon, which left us with the entire evening enjoying Paris by night. First, we dropped the car in a parking lot, the "Indigo" if I remember well. Then, we headed to the Airbnb located in the 14th, a lovely neighborhood in the heart of Paris.

After 4 hours drive, not to mention the traffic jam, the only thing we were looking forward to was having a nice cocktail in a Parisian Bistrot. Without a second thought, we grabbed the scooter (lime)* and paved the way to Bon Vivant, a delicious Parisian Bistrot where the atmosphere was relaxed and the food traditional and delicious. In terms of the price, I have to admit I was quite surprised. I expected higher prices.

* Pro-tip 1: If the weather allows it, you should definitely favor the scooter over the metro. It is so much fun, cheaper, and a great way to enjoy Paris.

Aperol Spritz at Bon Vivant in Paris

Once fully filled in, we went for a couple of drinks in a park, chilling and enjoying a little concert. Fun fact, this party came to be a rave party, I'll pass on the details :p.

Day 2 in Paris

It was Saturday morning, the sun was shining in Paris, and we wanted to make the most of it! We woke up quite early and left the apartment by 9:30 am to be at Bo&Mie by 10:00 am. Bo&Mie is a creative bakery and one of the top bakeries in Paris. The patio is not as charming as wished though, but the bakeries/pastries are simply insane! I ordered a croissant with a chai latte (promised, sometimes I drink something else) and a fresh orange juice, still for a ridiculous price.

Thereafter, we walked to the Louvre. I'm the kind of girl who's convinced that walking through a city is simply the best way to explore and soak in it, which explains why my step counter can go crazy sometimes. :p

Once at the Louvre, we couldn't visit it because we didn't book tickets.*

It didn't prevent us from enjoying the rest of the day. We went to Place Vendôme walking by the Tuileries Garden (it's kinda the best part of it), then to Concorde, and we finished by Les Champs Elysées and the Arc of Triomphe, still so crowded and a bit overrated, according to me.

As we were super hungry, we stopped in a small Italian restaurant. It was nice, but nothing to recommend.

At 2 O'clock, we were done with lunch and ready to keep on enjoying Paris. The next step was Trocadéro Place offering a nice view of the Eiffel Tower, where we (I, oopsie) stopped to take a few selfies. Then, we went to Champs de mars before stopping by an ephemera AI museum.

I think it was 4:30 pm by the time we finished visiting this museum, we were tired and decided to go back to the Airbnb to get some rest before the evening program.

Around 6:30 pm, we were fully rested and ready for an (or more) appetizer. We went to his lovely bar named Dubar Saint-Marcel in the 13th. After that, we booked a table at La Manufacture, a few steps away from the bar. It was very Parisian-style, the food and the vibes.

To finish strong, we ended at Perchoir Marais rooftop bar. Get ready, the line may be a bit daunting and cocktails pricy (20e/drink), but believe me, it was clearly worth it! We could enjoy the Eiffel Tower by night, all lit up. 🥰

Pro-tip 2*: Always book museum tickets in advance when going to Paris during the weekend!

Day 3 in Paris

On the last day, we had brunch at Immersion Paris. I recommend going to Vendôme (there're 2 spots), it is less popular, thus less crowded. You will get a table more easily.

After that, we had to go home, but initially, the idea was to stroll along Montmartre, which is clearly my favorite area in Paris. Overthere, you can stop by the Sacré Coeur overlooking the neighborhood, by the famous Moulin Rouge, and enjoy the lame vibes of Montmartre with its paved little streets crowded with great artists without forgetting the bistrots.

Extra: good addresses I wished I had time to try

Unfortunately, we stayed for 2 days only, and I ran out of time to enjoy everything I wanted to.

I guess I'll have to go back. :p

All the following addresses have been recommended by friends or bloggers.

Rooftop bars in Paris:

Restaurants :

Bakeries in Paris:

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