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My latest 5 green essentials

No need to be a climate scientist nor a firm climate fighter to be green.

We all can be at our own scale. It's already such a good step forward to realize the reality we live in and to commit ourselves even with few accessories, few new daily habits, you name it!

In this article, I'll present you with my latest 5 essentials I absolutely recommend you try!

Laundry & dish powder green essentials

Laver Vert products

At first, I bought Ecover, which is already a good brand as it is a Belgian brand striving for ecology.

Then, I switched to another brand simply because I started to do my groceries at a small Belgian cooperative as I prefer giving my money to them rather than those big national grocery stores pretending to commit themselves even though they keep selling a lot of shit.

So, I started to use Laver Vert. Laver Vert is a super cool green essential to add to your list as it is part of the circular Belgian economy. It is 100% eco-friendly (they're very transparent in terms of their components), produced in Belgium, and way better for your health of course!

So far, I've tried the laundry liquid as well as the dish liquid. I know they have other housekeeping products such as soap for the floor, all surfaces sanitizer, oven cleaner, etc.

Shampoo & hair conditioner

Urtekram green essentials

Is there anything more boring than having a bad shampoo or hair conditioner? Honestly, I simply hate when my hair is dry or greasy after I washed it! I tried different products and one of my fav' ones is Urtekram.

Urtekram is a Scandinavian (Danemark) organic certified wholesaler. The brand features hair, hand, skin & shower products. Some of their products are even vegan! Urtekram is also very transparent, I think this is one of the most important features for a brand claiming to be organic.

Reusable wrapping

Bees wraps

I guess this is useless to remind how bad plastic or aluminum foils are bad for the environment?!

Two alternatives then, the first one is to use reusable boxes or to opt for the food reusable wrapping made of beeswax (my second green essential of the moment).

I use L'embeillage, which is a French organic brand. Those bees wraps are nice as they're reusable of course, but also because they're super easy to manipulate and maintain. You can use them for a year! Plus, if they're not sticky anymore, you can find some shops, where to add some beeswax, cool isn't it?! L'embeillage is also zero-waste as it is compostable and thus 100% natural. I can only recommend you to try this great brand!

Water filter

One bottle of water with ceramic pearls filters

I've already mentioned this green essential on Instagram but in case you missed it, here it is! :p

A few months ago, I bought those ceramic pearls at L'entrepôt (an eco-responsible bulk shop close to my place). This green essential is very convenient as it filters your water. No need to buy water bottles anymore! You'll need 10 pearls for one liter of water. You can conserve those pearls for ten years! Of course, you need to entertain them, but it's very simple (boiling water for 5 min after a couple of uses). There're a lot of benefits to using ceramic pearls as it filters and purifies the water it is way better for your health (no limestone & chlorine)! You can also use this water to rinse your veg/fruits.

Green essential apps

I use this app to check out my cosmetics components. To be completely honest with you, I haven't used it a lot so far :p. But this is only because I already know the cosmetics I use are green (Bconscious, Urtekram)

Yuka is more convenient for food. I like scanning labels through Yuka and have a clear idea of the quality of the product and its intake. You can check if the product contains additives, the number of fibers, sugar quantity, etc. It's actually more useful for checking the impact of the product on your health.

This app has been recommended by my friend Laurie, from @GoodmorningLau. It allows you to check the amount of carbon emission needed to produce your electricity. For instance, I use the app before launching my dishwasher, washing machine, or before refreshing my apartment in order to know if it's the right time or not depending on the renewable electricity used and the level and intensity of carbon in the air. You can also have a look at the sources of the electricity produced.

And you? What are your latest green essentials? :)


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