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Must-do in Strasbourg

Strasbourg city by night

My dear Strasbourg, I simply love you.

I cannot believe I waited so long before visiting Strasbourg. Did you know that Strasbourg is known as the Christmas capital. Indeed, during the Christmas season, Strasbourg is all decorated, this is very impressive. Not to mention the gigantic Christmas Market. Unfortunately, we missed it because of the COVID, but it hasn't prevented us from having a good time in this wonderful city.


Hotel room view

Strasbourg is 4 hours drive from Belgium, which is not that far and thus perfect for a last-minute city trip.

We slept in an Ibis Hotel located in the historical town. 15 min away (by walk) from Strasbourg centre, the hotel is perfectly located. In terms of comfort, it was very correct. I'm not gonna lie, if you're looking for something cozy, trendy, or modern, this might not be for you. However, if like us, you don't really care considering you won't stay much in the hotel but for sleeping, it'll make a do.

The hotel has a very small parking slot, but I would recommend parking in the external parking slot next to the hotel. It is cheaper and very close.

Strasbourg Food

Strasbourg is very diversified when it comes to food. From Italian restaurants to Asian food and local food, you'll definitely find something you like. Much to my surprise, the popular choucroute and flammekueche are from Strasbourg, the perfect occasion to try. You can also find healthy brunch & lunch places with bagels, salads, pancakes, toasts, vegetarian food, and so much more!

Here is a shortlist of the restaurants we tried (they were epic!):


  • Bagelstein for their delicious homemade bagels and treats (+/- 9e/bagel + drink + cookie),

  • Ramen shop for their ramens and pokes (price: +/- 13e/ramen),

  • Madame Julia for their delicious healthy, homemade & conscious brunch 🤤 . Note that you have to make the queue, so anticipate! (price: between 7 & 17e).


As Strasbourg is very crowded during the Christmas season, I definitely recommend booking a table in advance.

  • Saint-Sepulcre for the traditional & authentic food, very Savoyard (atmosphere & food) (price: between 16 & 22e/main course),

  • Chez Yvonne, for the traditional food as well (price: between 17 & 22e/main course),

  • Le Tire Bouchon, for the traditional food and the spectacular Christmas decoration (price: between 17 & 22e/ main course),

  • Il Felice, for the incredible homemade pizza and the cozy atmosphere (price: between 11 & 17e/pizza).

What I wish I could have done in Strasbourg:

  • The secret bar inside the Eden Pizzeria. Unfortunately, we couldn't make it, but it seemed very fun. You have to cross the Eden Pizzeria to access this secret bar.

  • Le Salon de Thé, for the delicious Cheese Cake and breakfast.

  • Oh My Goodness Cafe, for their homemade breakfast, brunch, lunch & coffee/latte.

What to do in Strasbourg?

The only activity we did was a boat tour to access some places we couldn't access by walk. It was very fun and quite cheap (14e for a 75-min boat tour). It's the occasion to know more about the city and its story.

For most of the trip, we simply stroll around the city. Strasbourg is also full of shops, so you can definitely plan an afternoon for shopping.

We also went to Colmar, which is one hour drive from Strasbourg. Colmar is also popular for its Christmas decorations and lovely tanner's house. It is a bit similar yet different. If you have a bit of time, I definitely suggest you stop by Colmar.

Conclusion? If you're a Christmas lover, you have to visit Strasbourg during the Christmas season. The city is beautiful, the food is delicious and quite cheap. In a nutshell, a must-do!


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