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More about the Chit-Chat section

"Chit-Chat section? What the hell is this section? " Got you, sis.

A girl blogging and surfing on the chit-chat section supported with a cup of coffee

First thing first, welcome to this new section. :D

Across the Chit-Chat section, you'll have the chance to know a bit more about me. From my latest daily updates to my mood of the moment, some articles answering all of your questions, and everything else lifestyle-related you'll find lots of fun right here. In other words? Something close to my digital journal without being too personal, got it?

Anyway, the best way to find out is to dive into it, isn't it?! So make sure you have anything you need including a nice bottle of wine in the food pantry and let's meet up in my first & new article tomorrow. :D


Stay tuned!



Live My Way 
My healthy living

Mathilde Miessen

5 facts about me: 

  • I can eat a whole pot of Ben&Jerry on my own,

  • I eat peanut butter every single day,

  • I prefer pizza dough to toppings,

  • I'm convinced I live in a movie,

  • I sleep with my teddy bears.

“Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle.”

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