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List of my 5 latest green essentials #December2021

This section has been too quiet, it's time to share with you my latest 5 green essentials.

But first, let's clarify a little thing. Throughout this section, I do not pretend to be a climate activist or a super-committed ecologist. However, I do my best every single day to be a bit greener, to achieve a slow life, a conscious, and responsible lifestyle. It's a transition possess. I'm far away from perfect when it comes to ecology, but I tend to think that if everyone could, at least, do what I do, it would be a good step forwards already. So this section aims at providing you with tips and help you transition your life- at a slow pace.


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5 latest green essentials

  • Marseille soap

The benefits of this soap are countless. For one, I use it as dish soap, but you can literally use it for everything, promise. As a shampoo, as a face cleanser, as a body soap, as a household cleaner, as a sanitizer, and even for your laundry!

The Marseille soap is organic and made of vegetal oils, water, salt, soda ash, and vegetal glycerin. It is also very accessible in terms of price.

I bought mine at PaysanArtisan, but I'm convinced you can easily find one.

  • Reusable razor

I have to admit that it took me so long before switching from plastic reusable razors to a real reusable razors. I don't even understand why as it works better, and as it is greener and cheaper in the long run. You simply have to change the blade after a certain time. We bought one single razor for both of us, and we have our own blades.

  • Cosmetics

One of my best friends suggested trying Avril Cosmetics. At first, I was a bit skeptical about the quality of the product. After considering all the benefits not solely for the planet but for my skin as well, I decided to take the plunge.

Avril is a conscious and organic-certified brand featuring many quality products for women, men, and babies. Organic is cool, very cool, but being organic and local is even better! All the cosmetics are made in France, the brand is also very minimalist when it comes to packaging, Avril is also very committed as it has replanted 24 710 trees to offset its carbon footprint! You must think, "Ok, cool, but I guess it is super expensive!". It is actually not at all as it is also one of the missions of the company: accessibility. They decided to cut down on the marketing cost to make the products more accessible, financially speaking. You can find the brand in pharmacies, mega malls, Avril's shops, and online.

After a couple of months of experiencing Avril Cosmetics, I've to admit I'm not so satisfied. I tried the shampoo, the face cream, and the body lotion. The shampoo leaves my hair greasy like I didn't rinse them properly (I really did!). Though the face cream smells good, it doesn't hydrate my face very well. My face skin is still a bit dry... As for the body lotion, it makes the job.

  • Vinegar

This one must be grandma tips, but it works so well! When it comes to house cleaning and sanitizing, I use vinegar for every-thing. This is actually my only household cleaner (with the Marseille soap). From the toilet to the mirror, to the shower, to the floor, to the unremovable stains, you can make miracles! Note that you have to dilute it with water. You can also add some orange or lemon peels to prevent bad odors.

Cautious though, vinegar can be very aggressive, it is not recommended to use it on natural stones or caoutchouc.

  • Plants

As already mentioned on Instagram, we're currently facing some humidity troubles in the bathroom. Instead of rushing to the supermarket or Mr.Bricolage, we decided to try another option, aka the plants.

So we bought a fern. Ecologically speaking, the fern does not require lots of maintenance, and it lasts for a long time. Plus it is also considered as an air purifier.

Plus, the fern owns medical properties as it may help get rid of intestinal worms. But this is not really the reason why we bought it, obviously. The fern is also very helpful when it comes to humidity as it absorbs it.

Do you like this article? Let me know and share with me your latest green essentials.

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