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No drama, no falsity, only me.

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Last week, a reader told me she didn't feel connected with my content. When I asked her why she explained to me that my life looked so perfect that she found it hard to relate. In response, I wrote this article.

I'm far away from perfect. I do have my own troubles, but I decide to not share any of those on Instagram considering the lack of benevolence. I'm not ready for people's criticisms. I also tend to think that Instagram is reserved for good vibes only. I guess that after a long day of work, people don't want to see other people blaming and complaining. Instagram remains a time of relaxation and for many, an 'escape'.

But today, I feel the need to clarify some things at the expense of "good vibes only", and hoping that you'll understand me a bit more.

The truth is that a girl like me cannot talk about diets on Instagram, although it has been a big part of her life. A girl like me cannot express that she wants to lose a bit of weight, or that she goes to the gym 3 or 4 times a week without any misunderstanding and remarks (even though this is absolutely not a big deal), she cannot complain because she has "nothing" to complain about, but I do.

I don't feel always in total harmony with my life or even with myself. For those who know me already, you must know how hard I struggled with eating disorders a few years ago, which is also one of the reasons why I decided to create LMW. Today, I feel better, I really do. The point is that sometimes I cannot prevent some bad memories from intruding. I simply don't talk about it on social media because I feel like talking about it will make it real. The more I'll talk about it, the more I'll think about it.

Not to mention how hard it is for a girl like me, who is at a healthy weight, to share with her community that she watches out for her diet sometimes, or that she wants to lose the 2 or 3 kg she gained lately because yes, she loves eating and she has a pretty busy social life. We cannot do that because if we do, people will judge and not understand.

But of course, I relate when you say that you're trying to be on a diet except that you binge eat all the time. Of course, I relate when you say that you do not have time for morning routines or to prepare a delicious and healthy breakfast/lunch/dinner and that instead, you end up eating junk food. I do relate because this is part of my life too!

Yes, I love having morning routines and waking up very early. It is also true that I have a lifestyle enabling me to do so. I work from home most of the time, and when I do not, I have to wake up at 6:30 AM and leave by 7:20 AM, so obviously, I do not cut down on my sleep for that. And to be completely honest, for now, I don't even remember the last time I woke up at 6:30 AM for my morning routine.

I won't dwell on that topic, but I really hope you got the point. I hope you understand me and my content a bit more, and I really hope that you can relate because I do.


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22 nov 2021

Quel bel article… ♥️ Cycy

Me gusta
Mathilde Miessen
Mathilde Miessen
23 nov 2021
Contestando a

Merci mon coeur, ton soutien est d'or!

Me gusta
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