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Dear Digital Diary #June2021

Evening yaa,

I found it cool to also use LMW to share more about myself. I'm not telling I'll be an open book in here, but Live My Way is my universe, a way to get away, a digital therapy. So, I think it's time to take advantage of this part of the blog as it may do a lot of good to put my thoughts down on the paper.

Not to mention how boring & fake it is to only promote good/"instagrammable" & happy moments on social media. Hey yaa, breaking news, this is not reality! We all have ups and downs, and I think it is also important to recognize and share those moments/feelings as well. It may also help others to find comfort, support, or even motivation.

So welcome to this new section. Hope you'll like it as much as I like reading this kind of content on other blogs.

Animation girl sitting on the floor and sad

How is June's mood, Mathilde?

To be quite frank, I felt a bit under the weather recently. Covid clearly didn't help even though I've to admit things have been better in Belgium (bars & restaurants are open again, we do not have a curfew anymore, ...).

But still, I feel like something is missing. It's like I'm constantly chasing something I don't have, constantly looking for more ending up not enjoying/living the moment. How funny is this for a girl standing up for self-care/wellbeing/etc, eh? As I said, everyone has ups and downs. :)

At this stage, pretty sure most of you'll recommend I try meditation. It didn't work on me.

As a matter of fact, I'm the kind of girl who's very like very very impatient. On top of that, I might be the biggest daydreamer I've ever known.. :p I do have high life expectations, but most of the time it doesn't bother me because I'm a goal-getter and very determined. So far, I've got almost everything I wanted to. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I'm a spoilt child who has whatever she asks daddy for. Everything I got was because of me cause I made it happened. It clearly didn't fall into my laps. Except that recently, nothing went the way I wanted to, and this is clearly something that puts me down.

I put so much effort into LMW and still feel like it is not growing very much. I ticked every single box of the "How to master the art of blogging" list, you know. I posted frequently, worked on the SEO (ok still have to improve on that part), invested time & energy (too much) on Instagram... But still, very low engagement... I know I should do it for myself, but let's be honest, isn't it better when it pays off?!

I also keep thinking about Vancouver and how happy I was over there, which simply prevents me from moving on in Belgium. I don't know, as if life was very boring in here in comparison to what I used to live over there. The point is, since I came back to Belgium, I couldn't enjoy all the things I've missed when I was in Van #thankscovid19. I think it may blind me a bit.. This is why I try to be patient and wait for everything to get back to normal. Patience is vertus, Mathilde. :)

Let me tell you how vacations will be more than welcome, aha. It'll be the occasion to escape a bit, refresh, resource, and step back from all of this. I'm convinced I'll feel better and maybe more enthusiastic/optimistic about my life in here. No to mention I have nice projects ahead, but this will be for an other "Dear Digital Diary" episode.

That being said, I hope I didn't put you down :p. As mentioned, the idea is for me to feel better after writing those thoughts, and if it can also help you relate, that's even better!

Live My Way 
My healthy living

Mathilde Miessen

5 facts about me: 

  • I can eat a whole pot of Ben&Jerry on my own,

  • I eat peanut butter every single day,

  • I prefer pizza dough to toppings,

  • I'm convinced I live in a movie,

  • I sleep with my teddy bears.

“Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle.”

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