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Dear Digital Diary #June2021

Evening yaa,

I found it cool to also use LMW to share more about myself. I'm not telling I'll be an open book in here, but Live My Way is my universe, a way to get away, a digital therapy. So, I think it's time to take advantage of this part of the blog as it may do a lot of good to put my thoughts down on the paper.

Not to mention how boring & fake it is to only promote good/"instagrammable" & happy moments on social media. Hey yaa, breaking news, this is not reality! We all have ups and downs, and I think it is also important to recognize and share those moments/feelings as well. It may also help others to find comfort, support, or even motivation.

So welcome to this new section. Hope you'll like it as much as I like reading this kind of content on other blogs.

Animation girl sitting on the floor and sad

How is June's mood, Mathilde?

To be quite frank, I felt a bit under the weather recently. Covid clearly didn't help even though I've to admit things have been better in Belgium (bars & restaurants are open again, we do not have a curfew anymore, ...).

But still, I feel like something is missing. It's like I'm constantly chasing something I don't have, constantly looking for more ending up not enjoying/living the moment. How funny is this for a girl standing up for self-care/wellbeing/etc, eh? As I said, everyone has ups and downs. :)

At this stage, pretty sure most of you'll recommend I try meditation. It didn't work on me.

As a matter of fact, I'm the kind of girl who's very like very very impatient. On top of that, I might be the biggest daydreamer I've ever known.. :p I do have high life expectations, but most of the time it doesn't bother me because I'm a goal-getter and very determined. So far, I've got almost everything I wanted to. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I'm a spoilt child who has whatever she asks daddy for. Everything I got was because of me cause I made it happened. It clearly didn't fall into my laps. Except that recently, nothing went the way I wanted to, and this is clearly something that puts me down.

I put so much effort into LMW and still feel like it is not growing very much. I ticked every single box of the "How to master the art of blogging" list, you know. I posted frequently, worked on the SEO (ok still have to improve on that part), invested time & energy (too much) on Instagram... But still, very low engagement... I know I should do it for myself, but let's be honest, isn't it better when it pays off?!

I also keep thinking about Vancouver and how happy I was over there, which simply prevents me from moving on in Belgium. I don't know, as if life was very boring in here in comparison to what I used to live over there. The point is, since I came back to Belgium, I couldn't enjoy all the things I've missed when I was in Van #thankscovid19. I think it may blind me a bit.. This is why I try to be patient and wait for everything to get back to normal. Patience is vertus, Mathilde. :)

Let me tell you how vacations will be more than welcome, aha. It'll be the occasion to escape a bit, refresh, resource, and step back from all of this. I'm convinced I'll feel better and maybe more enthusiastic/optimistic about my life in here. No to mention I have nice projects ahead, but this will be for an other "Dear Digital Diary" episode.

That being said, I hope I didn't put you down :p. As mentioned, the idea is for me to feel better after writing those thoughts, and if it can also help you relate, that's even better!

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