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Dear Digital Diary #August2021

Animation girl in a good mood

Can't believe summer is almost over! Times flies, it's insane. Even though the weather wasn't perfect in Belgium, like at all, I enjoyed the coziness of it. It was nice to take some time off to reset, and to get away from everything.

How was August, Mathilde?

Well, I'm very content at the moment. I just came back from one week in Spain, which was much needed.

We left just the both of us, Benjamin & I. So we could spent time together, away from the hustle & bustles of the city. Of course, we live together but still, I feel like the time spend together during the busy work year is less qualitative. We have our own plans, our own activities not to mention the work stress, mental load... During that week in Spain, we found each other again, laughed together, and were complicit. Might sound a bit cheesy, but honestly, this is the way we felt. Briefly speaking, it was a real blast, and I think every couple should have these kinds of moments more often.

Apart from that, I'll get back to work tomorrow. Not gonna lie, I'm not super enthusiastic about that, you know... holiday scaries...

On the other hand, I'm very excited because as I told you already new projects are coming. The closest one is our moving out! Yes, we bought our first house!!! I can't believe I'm actually writing this though. Feeling like becoming a real adult aha. So, even if this week is "back to work week" it is also "moving out week", which makes it very exciting.

Note to yourself*: Always find and plan something exciting during your week to help you go through it when unmotivated.

See ya in a month for another catch-up, wish you guys a good back-to-work month!


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