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Bucket list: I got a piercing!

Dear everyone,

Last week, I wrote my Bucket List. Writing it is one thing, but doing it is clearly another. Determined yet a bit stressed, I decided to call my best friends for a bit of support, who knows maybe I chickened out?

Let me tell you how it went.

Part 1: The brunch

Saturday morning, it's 10 am, and time to get ready for my weekly breakfast date with my best friends. I woke up, did a bit of yoga, and dressed up before heading to Epicure. To be quite frankly, I was excited knowing exactly what I planned to do and on the other a bit stressed. Of course, right?! We're literally talking about making a hole in my nose! You know, this thing in the middle of your face? Not to mention all the disapprovals I got the week before...

Anyway, after waiting for more than half an hour (promised, no hate only love for my bff's), we finally ordered some food. It was already 11 am so let me tell you how hungry I was and still stressed. We ordered a brunch, it was delicious and only cost 22€. We first had some salty dishes with some tea & coffee, but we also had the choice to go for lemonade or iced tea. Then, we had the best part, the sweet one. 😍 Everything was really delicious, homemade, and perfectly served. You can have a look at the photos below to have a first insight.

Photoshop montage of photos of me with my piercing

Part 2: The piercing

After fueling our bodies and catching up, time to think about the piercing. "Where should I go? Should I really do this?".

We went to different jewelry but none of them had piercings. I felt like it was a sign and like I wasn't meant to it. I was a bit reassured. Of course, I wanted to stick to my plan but also didn't want to do something like this in the heat of the moment and then, regret it.

I'm the kind of person who strongly believes in "where there's a will, there's a way". So, we kept looking for a piercing shop until we found one, but it was closed and only on booking. Another sign..

"What should I do?" It was very important for me to really stick to this Bucket list. I really wanted to go for it, to live a bit more intensely, to do a bit more of out-of-the-ordinary things, something I wanted to remember, something fun! You name it.

So, we decided to change our plans and first try and see how I'd look with a piercing. We went to Claire's. I tried a small "silver" piercing and kinda liked it. My bffs were super excited, so it didn't take long to convince me to buy it. Plus, it was a fake one, so no harm so far. See below how it looked.

Rope with 3 polaroides of me with my piercing and my best friend

The best decision at the moment was thus to buy this fake piercing and live with it for a week in order to make sure I was comfortable with it. Kind of a test. Sometimes, I can rush a bit, and I really didn't want to regret this. Plus, it can be convenient and really nice sometimes but in some others, it can seem a bit inappropriate. It doesn't cut it in all situations (for example when I've my Christmas outfit or my working girl suit..). Also, I can wear it every now and then, which is very cool.

Final word? It was a really fun day, rich in excitement. Even if I didn't really get that piercing, I have one today and no one knows it's a fake one. You have to read this to know it ;). Plus, I can wear it whenever I want. Isn't it smarter? :D


PS: Find more of my Bucket List in my Chit-Chat section.


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