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5 tips to fight against sedentariness

Hello everyone,

It's Sunday today, the weather is nice, but I prefer staying home sipping a nice cup of tea while typing my next article (I'm so devoted guys, hope you notice aha).

Funny though because today we'll discuss sedentariness.

Did you know that if we spend 10 years of our life being sat for 8 hours in a row, it can cost us 7 years of life? Freaky ehh?!

Sedentariness is more & more present

We do not discuss sedentariness enough although it is more and more present in today's lifestyle especially because of COVID19.

Just to give you an idea, back into 60'ties, people stayed sat 30 hours a week and today it is more than 40 hours a week...

Sedentariness is also responsible for many diseases such as; diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol, bad blood flow, arthrosis, etc. I don't want to scare you guys, this is clearly not the point, but I just want you to be aware.

Anyway, I got you covered! Here are my 5 tips to fight against sedentariness!

5 tips to fight against sedentariness

  • Park as far as possible

If like me you live in an apartment, it might be tempting to look for the closest parking spot when you come back from a long day just thinking about the next episode of your series and your sofa waiting for you. But think about it, if you park a little farther, it'll force you to walk a bit more, is it really that hard? Don't think so. Plus, your sofa will be even more appreciated.

  • Favor the stairs

This one is maybe the more obvious one! Not gonna lie, still not doing it enough...

But I'll! I do feel pain in my legs because I'm not moving enough, this is clearly a signal! Do you also feel that? So I made a big decision and decided to take the stairs each time I go out, no strings attached! Except if I'm carrying huge and heavy grocery bags (come on, a bit of pity).

  • Drink more!

Might sound not related but, believe me, it is! Ok, listen up. First, if you drink more, you'll have to walk to the kitchen to fill in your glass of water or your cup of tea/coffee (of course, the idea here is not to use a bottle of water but rather a big glass of water). Second, it also means that you may need to go to the toilet more often, which is clearly another good excuse to move a little and stretch your legs.

  • Exercise/move for 30 min a day

It has been proven that we should move a least 30 min a day to stay healthy and fight against sedentariness. NOTICE TO ALL THE EXTREMES: It doesn't mean you have to run or work out for 30 min every single day! You can simply go for a nice walk after work or walk for 15min during your lunch break and 15 other min after your workday. You can also clean up the house, it will definitely keep you busy and in motion for at least 20 min! It can also be a small session of yoga followed by a 15 min cooking session and this is it!

  • Stand-up calls

Final one, the phone! Each time you call your mom, sister, best friend, or even your colleague (also works for Teams meetings), stand up and walk around.

Just a little bonus here, I suggest you use a step tracker (I use Weward) and maybe fix some objectives it might help you stay on track and motivate you as well. Don't be too hard on yourself, I know it is recommended to walk at least 10 000 steps a day but if you start with 3000 steps or even 2000 it is already a good start especially if you workout aside as well. Personally, I'll set up mine just I'll be done with this article.

Oh, I was about to forget! You should take part in the national sedentariness fight, which takes place on the 19th of April (tomorrow) till the 2nd of May. Will be fun join the fun!

This is it, congrats if you made it through all the reading. :p



PS: Find the French version here.


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