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BLOGMAS #1: 5 European Christmas Market to do!

It's November 2Oth, and I declare the pre-season of Christmas (commonly known as the Advent :p) opened. Let's talk Christmas, bake biscuits, binge-watch all the most boring Christmas movies and be super cliché!

Am I really the only one to be that excited?? I guess not, otherwise, you wouldn't have clicked on the link to read this new and first #blogmas. 🤗

Ok, enough blabla, let me share my Xmas Market wish list.

Christmas in Monschau

  • Monschau Christmas Market

I heard about Monschau Christmas Market from some of my colleagues. Located in Germany, a few km away from Belgium, the small city of Monschau is hailed for its half-timbered house and its medieval atmosphere.

After quite a bit of research, I learned that Monschau Christmas Market was one of the prettiest markets in the entire country. It occupies not solely a part of the city yet the whole city! From Christmas lights to numerous chalets and food specialties (Printer & Monschauer Dutchmen) without forgetting the exotic accent, I cannot wait to visit Monschau Christmas Market. 🥰

Opening hours:

During the weekends from November 25th till December 18th 2022:

  • Friday & Saturday: from 11h to 21h

  • Sunday: from 11h to 20h

Commute from Liège:

  • 1h10 by car via la E40

  • 3h by train

Koln Christmas Market

  • Koln Christmas Market

For this second choice, we'll head to Koln, still in Germany. Like in Monschau, in Koln you'll find 7 Christmas Markets spread all over the city: at the Cathedral, in the historical center, at the port, downtown Koln, in the commercial area, in the backyard of the city, and more! Each market is unique and has its own specialty. I read that the oldest Christmas Market was the one located in the heart of the commercial area, the Neumarkt. As for the food, go grab the best specialties in the Stadtgarten Market.

Opening hours:

From November 17th till December 23rd. Find more info right here.

Commute from Liège:

  • 2h by via la E40 and A4

  • 1h via Thalys

Marché de Noël Strasbourg

  • Strasbourg Christmas Market

Last year, my cousin and I went to Strasbourg between Christmas and New Year. If you guys were already following me on Instagram (love you), you must have seen some stories. Strasbourg is definitely a must-visit, even more during the Christmas season. The entire city is enlightened, the decorations are very impressive, and there're many different markets. Anyway, not gonna repeat myself here, but feel free to read my article about our city trip in Strasbourg.

Opening hours:

Every day from November 25th till December 24th.

  • Monday to Sunday: from 11h to 20h

Commute from Liège:

  • 4h30 by car via E25

  • 6h by train

Luxembourg Christmas market

  • Luxembourg Christmas Market

Only 2h30 by car, Luxembourg is also one of those magic cities to visit for Christmas. The city hosts more than 100 chalets spread over 6 different sites. On one site you will be able to find the giant Christmas tree (12) along with a crib and a magic train. On another site, you will be able to admire the enlighted city from a Ferris wheel. There will also be a site specially dedicated to kids. Of course, you'll find the traditional chalets with food and beverage as well. :)

Opening hours:

I invite you to click here to get more info as there're lots of different markets with different schedules.

Commute from Liège:

  • 2h by car via E25

  • 3h by train

Montreux Christmas Market

  • Montreux Christmas Market

Initially, I wanted to mention Zurich Christmas Market in this article. However, according to some of my good sources, the one from Montreux is way more worth it. Montreux Christmas Market gathers more than a hundred of thousand visitors every year, it's clearly a must-do! I also heard that this year, a special guest was coming... Say hi to Le Chat from Philippe Geluk.

Opening hours:

From November 18th to December 24th. Get more info right here.

Commute from Liège:

  • 7h40 by car via E25

  • 8h20 by train

Congrats, you made it to the end of this first blogmas! Hope you enjoyed the reading (feel free to let me know your thoughts/feedback in a comment). 🥰

See you next week,



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